Wood moisture meter solutions for measuring moisture content in wood and wooden products.

Delmhorst - Using a portable wood moisture meter to measure wood moisture.

Moisture is a concern at every step of wood processing. To ensure quality, from the mill and dry kiln to the finished product, Delmhorst moisture meters help minimize defects such as shrinkage, cracks, and splits. Years of experience, high-tech tools and controls, and premium grade lumber can make a difference but what if moisture content goes unchecked?

A sturdy accurate wood moisture meter is vital for high-quality lumber and for correctly processing wood. Portable Delmhorst moisture meters, are used by a variety of professionals, in and outside Europe. Our extensive range of pin wood moisture meters complemented with non-destructive moisture meters, do serve many application. The Delmhorst product range goes from basic models up to advanced wood moisture testers equipped with built-in species corrections, temperature correction, data storage and recall functions.

Click on your application below and find the recommended portable wood moisture meter that meets you best. After all, an accurate moisture measurement of the moisture content in wood can make the difference.

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