Relative Humidity - RH measurement

Air, in our normal environment always holds humidity. The number of water molecules in the air can vary substantially, e.g. it can be as dry as in a desert or as humid as in the tropics. There is an upper limit to the amount of humidity which air can hold at a given temperature. Beyond this limit, saturation will occur. If for some reason the humidity level is pushed up to this limit, condensation occurs and fog or water droplets form. Relative humidity tells you what percentage of this maximum amount of humidity is present in the air.

High levels of ambient humidity can be warning sign at inspection jobs, and RH is also a major concern when installing a wood floor over a concrete sub-floor..

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Relative humidity meters

HT-4000 thermo-hygrometer HT-4000 thermo-hygrometer

Moisture range:
Temperature: -40°C - 124°C (-40°F - 255°F)
Dew Point: -40°C - 80°C (-40°F - 176°F)
GPP Range: 0.1 - 3820 GPP (0.01 - 545 GPK)
Vapor pressure: 0 - 7 PSI (0 - 47 KPA)

The HT-4000 is an indispensable instrument in carrying out activities where the temperature and humidity play a significant role
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HT-3000 thermo-hygrometer HT-3000 thermo-hygrometer

Moisture range:
Temperature: -20°C - 70°C (-4°F - 158°F)
Dew Point: -40°C - 70°C (-40°F - 158°F )
GPP Range: .1 GPK – 285 GPK (1 GPP – 2000 GPP)

The HT-3000 thermo-hygrometer is an economically priced great tool for monitoring the level of humidity
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