NavigatorPro building materials moisture meter - Restoration

Moisture meter

NavigatorPro building materials moisture meter - Restoration

Floorings, Floors, Wooden floors, Wood, walls, drywall, concrete, concrete slab, insulation, plaster, building materials

5-60% MC wood scale
0.1-6% drywall scale
0-100 pin mode and 0-300 scan mode
(Reference scales for non-wood building materials)

Wood, Drywall

Meeting the restoration contractor's demand for detailed, accurate, and accessible information.

The Navigator Pro moisture meter features advanced job definition that organizes readings of the floor, wall, and ceiling in affected rooms. Stored readings can be downloaded to a spreadsheet on your PC, providing clear, complete documentation of every job. With features you can't find anywhere else, plus Delmhorst's renowned quality and service, the Navigator Pro will guide you from wet to dry!

Navigator Pro can be used to check moisture in drywall, insulation, wood, concrete, and plaster. It traces leaks to find exterior moisture and dry rot.

Your Benefits:
  • Simplified menu options in Basic Mode for quick and easy use
  • Job definition of up to 5 jobs with unique Job ID numbers in Enhanced Mode
  • Data grouping by specific rooms, with up to 32 rooms per job
  • Pin mode:
  • • 5%-60% MC wood scale
    • 0-100 numerical reference scale
    • 0.1% - 6% drywall scale
  • Scan Mode: 0-300 numerical reference scale
  • Thermo-hygrometer:
  • • Measures temp/RH
    • Calculates GPP/dew point
    • Fast response time
  • Store up to 1400 readings with date, time, room, and location stamp
  • View stored readings on screen
  • Optional software lets you download readings to your computer and generate Excel reports
  • Size: 22x9x4,5cm (8 ½x3 3/8x1¾”)
  • Weight: 312gr. (11 oz.)
  • Rugged construction ensures years of reliable use
  • Sturdy plastic carrying case
  • 1-year warranty

Special Packages:

Navigator Pro Basic Package: Includes meter with RH/T sensor, carrying case, 2-E electrode, and PC/KIT software application program

Navigator Pro Restoration Package: Includes meter with RH/T sensor, 26-ES electrode, 2-E electrode, 21-E electrode, PC/KIT software application program, (1) RHT-C1 cable and carrying case

Great for the restoration contractor who needs to provide documentation

NavigatorPro building materials moisture meter - Restoration 

NavigatorPro building materials moisture meter - Restoration NavigatorPro building materials moisture meter - Restoration
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26-ES Wood hammer
Hammer electrode. The 496 contact pins that come with the 26-ES penetrate 29mm (1⅛”) and have insulated shanks so that only the tips are exposed. The pins make contact only at their uncoated tips and provide much more accurate readings of moisture content at various levels of penetration.
Also available as the 26-ED, which includes gauge to measure pin penetration depth.

This hammer electrode will easily check high density hardwood that short pins are unable to penetrate. It will also easily penetrate through flooring to plywood sub-floor or concrete.

2-E Building materials
Fitted with the same 8mm (5∕16") penetration pins that are mounted on our pin type meters.

Electrode great for hard to read areas.
Use on wood joists and drywall.
Flexible electrode makes moisture testing at impossible to reach places possible. Simply attach any length metal “probe” to the alligator clips on the end of the 2-E/Split

Easily test under cabinets, through drywall, or any other hard to reach area
15-E Wood
Pin type, with two rows of four pins each, maximum penetration 3mm (⅛"). Penetration can be adjusted according to stock thickness by means of gauge block

Used for veneer
Pin type, comes with A-111 uninsulated contact pins for 38mm (1½") penetration.
Will also accept 496, insulated pins, 29mm (1⅛”) penetration

For use on plaster, masonry and wood
Long pin type. The 608 pins that come with the 21-E are insulated, except at the tips, and can reach a maximum penetration of 8.25cm (3¼"). The 21-E is also available as 21-E/001 with 15.25cm (6") penetration, or as the 21-ET with a tapped handle for hard to reach areas.

For use on roofs, insulation, or EIFS
Features two 13cm (5'') long blades, bent to a 35° angle, and coated in Teflon except for the tips

Great for checking behind trim and baseboard molding
NavigatorPro building materials moisture meter - Restoration

Moisture content standards are great for verifying that your Delmhorst moisture meter is in calibration. The MCS-1 can be used on any meter with a wood scale. With two electrical resistance values (12% and 22%) to test your meter against, you can be sure that your readings will stand up to the strictest standards of accuracy.
Detachable relative humidity/temperature sensor that is included with Total Check and HT-4000F.

Can be used to obtain ambient RH/T readings, or for performing tests on concrete.

Can be used to perform tests on concrete according ASTM F-2170 norm.
Extension cable, connects to the
RH/T-S sensor, allowing you to easily view your meter’s screen while performing tests on concrete.
Enables you to download stored readings from the meter to a PC via infrared linking.

This software will enable you to:
  • Export job data to Excel
  • Customize printing options
  • View readings and stats in the application program
  • Save and print individual or group job readings
  • Customize job title
  • View data in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Append notes to each job
  • Generate graphical histogram

All these features are provided in a easy to use GUI interface, and are compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7.

The PC/KIT is included in several of our moisture meter packages, or may be ordered separately. It can be used with the  Navigator Pro, RDM-3, RDM-3P and Total Check moisture meters.

Hole punch to make pilot holes in stucco to reduce pin damage.
Uninsulated pin and retainer with 8mm (5/16") penetration.
Standard on all meters with built-in pins and the 2-E and 4-E electrodes.

Used on wood up to 38mm (1 ½”), concrete and gypsum.
496 contact pins are insulated except at the tips, and measure 5cm (2") overall with 29mm (1 1/8") penetration.
Standard on the 26-ES.

Used to check wood up to 13cm.
The 608 insulated contact pins measure 10cm (4") overall, and penetrate 8,25cm (3 1/4").
Standard on 21-E and 18-ES electrodes.

Used on roofing, insulation, timber, poles, and EIFS.
The 608/001 insulated contact pins measure 18cm (17") overall, and penetrate 15,25cm (6").
Alternative length to be used on 21-E and 18-ES electrodes.

Used on roofing, insulation, timber, poles, and EIFS.
Another alternative to the 496, the A-111 is an uninsulated contact pin measures 36mm (1 7/16”) and has 1,3cm (1/2") penetration.
The A-111 is compatible with both the 26-ES and the 22-E, and its tapered point makes it easier to penetrate into hard surfaces.

Can be used on wood up to 5cm (2") thick.
Retainer used to hold contact pins in place.

Used with # 496, # 1849, and # A-111 pins.

Retainer used to hold contact pins in place.

Used with pin #608 and pin #608/001.

NavigatorPro building materials moisture meter - Restoration

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NavigatorPro building materials moisture meter - Restoration

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NavigatorPro building materials moisture meter - Restoration

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NavigatorPro building materials moisture meter - Restoration


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