RDM-3P advanced moisture meter for paper

Moisture meter

RDM-3P advanced moisture meter for paper

Paper, Carton, Paperboard, Papertubes, Corrugated carton, Paper on moving web, Thin sheet, Paper board in skids, Waste paper, Baled paper

5.3-23% for paper
8-40% for baled scrap paper
0-100 arbitrary scale, for other material

Paper, Baled scrap paper

The RDM-3P is fully equipped for testing paperboard, corrugated stock, and paper tubes using its paper scale, 0-100 reference scale, and baled paper scale. Whatever the situation calls for, the RDM-3P delivers. Advanced storage and recall features make it easy to organize multiple jobs, or even download data to a PC via the optional linkage software. The paper production industry has a new ally in the reliable and precise RDM-3P!

Your Benefits:
  • Bright, clear digital display
  • Three scales:
  • 5.3%-23% MC for paper
  • 8%-40% MC for baled scrap paper
  • 0 - 100 arbitrary scale for obtaining relative moisture indications on other material
  • Integral contact pins mounted on top of meter provide 8mm (5/16”) penetration
  • Built-in connector accepts any Delmhorst electrode
  • Audible, adjustable alarm alerts you when your pre-selected MC has been reached
  • Auto-shut off timer saves battery life
  • Store up to 1400 readings with date and time stamp
  • View stored readings on screen
  • Organize readings by job for easy reference
  • Optional software lets you download readings to your computer and generate Excel reports
  • Operating Temperature: from -20°C to +70°C
  • Size: 21,5 x 8,5 x 4,5cm (8½ x3⅝ x1¾”)
  • Weight: 312gr. (11 oz.)
  • Rugged construction ensures years of reliable use
  • Sturdy plastic carrying case
  • 9V battery
  • 1-year warranty

Special Packages:

Moisture meter package RDM-3P/PKG:
Includes the meter and the PC/KIT software application program. This is the most complete package available and enables you to download stored readings via I/R to a PC or laptop.
RDM-3P advanced moisture meter for paper 

2-E Paper
Pin electrode
Fitted with the same 8mm (5/16") penetration pins that are mounted on our pin type meters

Electrode great for hard to read areas Use on curved surfaces such as cardboard and paper tubes
Pen electrode available in different lengths:
830-2 – 25cm (10”)
830-3 – 45cm (18”)
830-4 – 90cm (36”)

(Requires H-4 Handle)

For moisture measuring in standard and high density bales
Handle for electrodes 830-x, 831 and 832

Useful for large or high density bales. Two handed operation is recommended over using an electrode that connects directly to the top of the meter (like our 1235 series) to minimize stress placed on the meter casing.
19-E Paper
Blade type electrode.

Available blade lengths:
12,5 cm (5”)
30 cm (12”)
45 cm (18”)

Blade type electrode for measuring of paper on skids
Leaf type electrode

For measuring moisture content on a moving web. Can be used with a portable unit or for stationary installation.
Double roller type electrode

For measuring moisture content on a moving web
Clamp type electrode

Great for testing thin sheet stock The sample tested will be compressed between two smooth discs
Pin type, with two rows of four pins each, maximum penetration 3mm (⅛")

Penetration can be adjusted according to stock thickness by means of gauge block
RDM-3P advanced moisture meter for paper

Moisture content standards are great for verifying that your Delmhorst moisture meter is in calibration. The MCS-2 can be used on any meter with a paper scale. With two electrical resistance values (6% and 10%) to test your meter against, you can be sure that your readings will stand up to the strictest standards of accuracy.
Enables you to download stored readings from the meter to a PC via infrared linking. This software will enable you to:

  • Export job data to Excel
  • Customize printing options
  • View readings and stats in the application program
  • Save and print individual or group job readings
  • Customize job title
  • View data in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Append notes to each job
  • Generate graphical histogram
All these features are provided in a easy to use GUI interface, and are compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7.

The PC/KIT is included in several of our moisture meter packages, or may be ordered separately. It can be used with the  Navigator Pro, RDM-3, RDM-3P, and Total Check moisture meters.

Uninsulated pin and retainer with 8mm (5/16") penetration.
Standard on all meters with built-in pins and the 2-E and 4-E electrodes.

Used on wood up to 38mm (1 ½”), concrete and gypsum.
RDM-3P advanced moisture meter for paper

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RDM-3P advanced moisture meter for paper

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RDM-3P advanced moisture meter for paper

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RDM-3P advanced moisture meter for paper


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