Published: 15-10-2014

Tips and benefits of moisture meters

eGuide - FREE complete moisture measurement Guide

In this eGuide you’ll learn not only why moisture meters are such an important tool, but how to take care of your meter and many of the benefits and possible uses for these devices that you may not have known about.
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Published: 04-09-2014
Restoration eGuide

Measuring moisture and restoration projects

eGuide - FREE complete Restoration Guide

Knowing the exact location and extent of moisture in a building is essential knowledge for restoration efforts. As restoration companies, contractors and home inspectors alike know very well, unattended moisture can affect building integrity, and pose many other health issues down the line.
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Published: 17-07-2014
Flooring eGuide

Measuring moisture in flooring systems

eGuide - FREE complete Flooring Guide

Moisture is a very real concern when it comes to flooring systems, and the only way to be sure of moisture content in flooring is with a quality moisture meter.
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