Soil Moisture Measurement

Your crops need different levels of water depending on their stages of growth, the soil type, weather conditions and the variety. Plants need i.a. the right amount of water to grow successfully.

Monitoring the soil moisture available will assist you with making the right decisions. When it comes to measuring soil moisture, it is important to know how much moisture your plants will be able to extract from the soil, not just how much moisture is actually in the soil. With the data gathered from a soil moisture meter, farmers can know exactly when they need to add water to their fields, and how much will be needed to bring their soil to the right amount of moisture for growing their plants.

Below more information about our recommended moisture tester for soil, using special soil sensors to check how much moisture your plants could absorb from the soil.

Moisture meter for soil

Soil moisture meter, KS-D1 Soil moisture meter, KS-D1

Moisture range:
0.1-15 Bars Tension

The KS-D1 is a valuable system to monitor the soil moisture available to the roots of plants. An effective tool for truffle growers too.
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