Cotton Moisture Meter

Cotton moisture measurement is critical particularly at harvest and through the gin, because of the influence these processes have on the cotton fiber quality. Dry cotton can be harvested cleanly and efficiently but may suffer undue damage in the gin. On the other hand harvesting and ginning wet cotton leads to significant issues in processing and quality.

Achieving a good quality fiber requires the right moisture content. Having a Delmhorst cotton moisture meter together with the right electrode for your application, might positively affect your success. Our moisture meter can be used for seed cotton, lint cotton, baled cotton, cotton yarn, cotton fabrics, wool, viscose and rayon. The Delmhorst moisture meter is widely beneficial for farmers, growers, ginners, cotton suppliers and so on. Achieving a good quality fibre requires the right moisture content.

If you agree that accurate moisture measurement of the moisture content in cotton is important, click on the displayed cotton moisture meter below to find out this meter's benefits.

Moisture meter for Cotton

Cotton moisture meter, C-2000 Cotton moisture meter, C-2000

Moisture range:
4-16% on lint cotton
6-20% on seed cotton
12-30% on wool
6-25% on viscose/rayon

The C-2000 moisture meter is a valuable tool during the ginning process and when buying or selling cotton.
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