Hops Moisture Meter.

Hop growers, harvesters, processors and brewers of course, do everything to achieve the best quality products.

To assure high-quality hops, harvesting hops at the right time and subsequently correctly processing hops is crucial for obtaining the best final result.

Properly drying hops down to the appropriate moisture level is vital for obtaining, maintaining and a safe storage of the best quality hops. A Delmhorst handy moisture meter, specially calibrated for hops, will guide you to the right quality hops.

Deploy our multifunctional moisture meters to check the moisture levels in spread out hops, as well as in baled hops. In conjunction with the exchangeable probes for specific applications, the entire hops drying process can be monitored closely.

Whenever harvesting , drying hops or while storage, the moisture content of hops matters!

Moisture meters for Hops

Hops moisture meter, G-34 Hops moisture meter, G-34

Moisture range:
7-14% on hops

The G-34 moisture meter for testing the moisture in baled hops.
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Hops moisture meter, F-2000H Hops moisture meter, F-2000H

Moisture range:
7-23% on hops
8-40% on alfalfa hay

F-2000H moisture meter for testing the moisture in hops and hay during the drying and storage process.
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