Grain Moisture Meter

There are a few good reasons to use a special moisture meter for grain.

Whenever harvesting grain, drying seeds or while storage, the moisture content of grains matters!

Weather conditions can have a huge impact on the crop quality. While growing and during harvest season, grains will be affected by the ever challenging weather conditions. Therefore, harvesting the grains and seeds at the right moisture content will positively affect, directly or indirectly the quantity, quality and the storability of grain and therefore your profit.

It is valuable for all crops such as barley, coffee, corn, flax, hay, oats, pasta, rapeseed, rough rice, rye, sorghum, soybeans and wheat, that the moisture content is not too high and not too low.

The best way to determine the moisture percentage of grains and seeds is by using a portable moisture meter. Multiple moisture tests, performed by an accurate grain moisture meter, will provide farmers, traders and everyone in between, a reliable picture of the grain quality.

Grains holding the right moisture content, will reduce the risk of mold and thus the spread of mold. Grain and seeds at the right moisture content, subsequently, will protect you from undesirable losses and so in the end will positively affect your profits.

The below listed portable Delmhorst grain moisture meter requires just a small amount of your valuable crop, and will instantly display without damaging the grains, the measured moisture content.

Moisture meter for Grain

Moisture meter for Grain, G-7 Moisture meter for Grain, G-7

Moisture range:

The G-7 for testing the moisture content of grain, hay and seeds at harvest time and while in storage
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