Kil-Mo-Trol monitoring system

Moisture meter

Kil-Mo-Trol monitoring system

Lumber, Wood, Timber, Hard wood, Soft wood


Track wood drying progress - Pinpoint problem areas in the kiln - Determine end-point for shutdown

Ideal for dehumidification kilns and small drying operations, KIL-MO-TROL® lets you monitor the moisture content of lumber during the drying process. With testing stations at each lumber package and a rotary switch box in your control room, you can quickly get an overall view of your progress. Proven for both hardwood and softwood drying, the KIL-MO-TROL can be used in any type of dry kiln, pre-dryer, or airdrying operation.

Your Benefits:
It’s as easy as mounting your rotary station selector switch, running main cables out of the control room, installing pins and load cables at each station, and connecting the main and load cables. Then connect a Delmhorst moisture meter to the station selector and start taking readings!

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We’re here to support you through every step of your operation with installation instructions and best practices. With an experienced service team solely focused on your satisfaction, Delmhorst is THE source for all your moisture monitoring needs.
Kil-Mo-Trol monitoring system 


No electrodes needed
Kil-Mo-Trol monitoring system

Core & Shell pins
These insulated pins and robust cables can be used in a variety of applications for long-term monitoring.
Pin Extractor
This pin extractor allows removing core pins from the wood vertically. As such avoiding to bend them and increase the life time of the pins.
Kil-Mo-Trol monitoring system

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Kil-Mo-Trol monitoring system

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Kil-Mo-Trol monitoring system

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Kil-Mo-Trol monitoring system


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