Copersa - authorized Delmhorst moisture meter dealer - Spain, Andorra and Portugal

Pol. Ind. Vallmorena
C/ Calvet I Pintó, 20
08339, Vilassar de Dalt Barcelona
Peter Copestake
+34 937 592 500

Copersa: a company with tradition

Copersa began operations in 1983 when its founder, John Copestake, left the Anglo-Spanish RIEGO WRIGHT founded in 1960. It is therefore, a company with a notable depth of knowledge whose technical team has contributed to the Spanish agricultural world over more than forty years with a number of significant technical innovations, from low impact sprinkler irrigation, full coverage systems with aluminum tubing, through to the introduction of the first drip irrigation systems and the widespread use of inexpensive disposable tubing (irrigation tapes).

Currently, in addition to products that can now be referred to as traditional, tapes, drip, micro-sprinklers and accessories, the company is moving increasingly to the most sophisticated systems of irrigation water management, including an extensive range of items such as filtration (Odis), the control of moisture levels in the soil and other elements, weather stations and water requirements (Irrometer and Watermark, Delmhorst and Spectrum), fertigation and incorporation of gases into the soil (Mazzei Airjection) and automation in all its facets (Murphy).

Since its beginning the essential ingredient of this family business has been the link between innovation and a customer service that is as close and personal as possible. We believe that technology should serve people, not vice versa, so we always aim to fully understand the needs of our clients before proposing solutions.

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